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Desktop Background Art

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Everyone likes cool desktop backgrounds, which don't destroy your computer over time.
Especially people who left their desktop open when friends are there.

I want to recommend two softwares, where I did good experience with. No, I didn't got paid for making this post by the developer for making a advertise, it's my personall recomend.

  • Wallpaper Engine (3,99€)
  • Live2DViewerEX (4,99€)

Both softwares are available on Steam, and got steam workshop included for tons of possibilitys.

Still, both are different, I personaly use Live2DViewerEX.

Wallpaper Engine makes a possibility to have java games or hidden keys available at your screen, but their is nearly no possibility to re-edit anything.

Live2DViewerEX doesn't have the java possibility, but has the possibility to add items to you desktop, and edit them, also some filters with effects are available, but it installs a software called "Haali Media Splitter".

Both Softwares are hidden in steam, and start without steam also.

Which one you like more is depending on how you want it, my personall experience was, I bought Wallpaper Engine in the past, but it wasn't good for me, so I refunded it on steam, and bought Live2DViewerEX and was happy, but bought Wallpaper Engine later again for some reason.

Other than freeware software where I made horrible experience with, which slowed down my computer, the software crashed often or even freeze my computer, does both of those software work smoothly, the only point is, they cost money, but basically today is everything about cosmetic, be it a CS:GO weapon skin or a TF2 Hat, cosmetic is everywhere present to our current time.

People who already own this software can share their desktop how cool they have designed it, or which creative ideas they had as a showcase here. Please remove all items from desktop first and/or remove the desktop bar for privacy reason.

Here is my desktop, as .gif file, containing a digital clock on the bottom right, a calender on the top right, tons of filter and effects and moving anime figures with the software Live2DViewerEX.



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