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#     78 "StIllIll"          [U:1:93185415]      46:30      140    0 active

Speed hacks mainly. Player moved at an impossible rate to avoid attacks, and was able to swing sword twice as fast.
I have a particular recording where it is most obvious. I'm shocked someone would bother hacking in this kind of game, there isn't much to gain xD

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I forgot to check back on this thread, but I have encountered him again in the Moo.EU Island server.

Watch carefully all 3 demos. You'll notice his hit range is as long or longer than a man at arms. He seems to be getting hit registers despite not looking at people, even as extreme as when they are behind him.
It could just be rate exploiting, but I do also feel the same as I did in Dec, like he is moving faster too, IDK if rate exploiting can do that too or maybe it is just perception because he already has an unfair advantage with the hit detection. I have teleported back 1 full second when he hits me while running as well, most obvious in the stairwell.

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Don't know about m0o, but considering there are no admins there at all, it's probably hardly ever administered, so anything can happen there.

Ratehacking isn't possible in The Testudo Cohort, at all, unless you somehow use an exploit or even a tool that removes the limit.
He only has an incredibly high ping, which lag compensation helps him with.

Other than that, don't worry about him, he's already permanently banned in all TTC servers for griefing.

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