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Rules for 'The Testudo Cohort' PVKII servers

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As the "co-owner" or so of these PVKII servers, I have decided to give them rules.

Rules are controversial, most of the time they are made to "control" you, but this is a game, and even sports have rules, so take them as such.

Just so you know, the way I will organize the rules are with a simple laconic description of what to do and what not to do. I will also try to be as informative as possible. I will also include "Punishment" and "Chance of Reconcile". "Punishment" is simply what you will be given if you break this rule, "Chance of Reconcile" is the chance the rulebreaker has to be reconciled, so his punishment will be either removed or lowered.

If you got questions about these rules, you have every right and freedom to do so. Don't be shy or/and a coward.

List of rules;

[Article 1] Hacks

Rules related to hacks do not exist. There is only one rule; Do not hack.

Information; This includes ALL forms of hacks, not related to the so-called "Admin powers". Hacking in PVKII is rare, but we can easily find you. It's not that easy to ALWAYS get headshots with the crossbow. Wallhackers are probably just as easy to find in PVKII as they are in CSS. And if you're really as dumb as to make a "tag hack", you're already spotted.

Punishment; Permanent ban

Chance of reconcile; Very low.

[Article 2] Teamplay

DISCLAIMER: For all the smartasses out there, "trolling" is related to harassing, griefing, general annoyance, etc. So obviously it IS forbidden.
Teamplay is a part of "gameplay" in general, specifically for the team. There are many rules for this;

a.) Do not grief.

Information; This may be a bit complex, griefing is when you do something that is more a bother to the team than an asset. This does not necessarily mean that, if you're a bad player and you hardly get kills or so, you should be punished.

Here are best examples of griefing;

- When you try to push off a chest from your teammates' base and bring it to the enemies' base, of any faction.

- When, even though you got many chances to bring the chest to your teammates, you still bring it to the enemy team. One time might have a reason, but you will get warned for that. If you do it two times and up, you're deemed a griefer and will be punished.

- When playing in "Booty", and you know an enemy faction (for example, pirates in bt_island and you play as a viking) has no booty, yet you attack them. If done by mistake, there will be no punishment but you will be informed of this mistake. But if you know all this and just do it intentionally, you will be reported and you may get punished. Yes, there is an "attacking the wrong team" issue.

- When you're carrying a chest and keep carrying it, especially on an "occult" position. Also when you got the chest yet you're already near a chest zone of your team.

- When playing in "Booty", and you're trying to help an enemy team win instead of your other enemy team through unorthodox ways. A better example would be, as a Knight, you keep staying in the Vikings' chest zone, which makes them not be able to accumulate points, yet they got 180 points compared to the pirates having 60 (if this is not "exaggerate" enough, pirates got 4 chests while Vikings only got 2). This is not wrong, you may have a plan to steal the chest from Vikings who are successfully stealing from Pirates. Still, this IS wrong if you keep constantly doing it, knowing that the other enemy team WILL win.

- "Ratehacking", while having its own article here, is also griefing. This is especially so if you're changing your rates to hide your true ping. Unless your ping is higher than 160, you don't have any problem.

- Disconnecting when you're about to die and INSTANTLY reconnecting is griefing. You will be banned for 30 minutes, although this purely depends on the admin's decision, he might be kind enough as to simply warn you not to do that.
NOTE: If you disconnect and connect in less than 5 minutes after, this rule will apply. Abusing the "5 minutes after" will result in a stronger ban.

In general, helping an enemy team (or even enemy teamS), annoying your own teammates and breaking the game's own rules is griefing.

Punishment; If done one time, 10/15/30 minute ban. If done two times, 1 day ban. If done constantly, 1 week ban.

Chance of reconcile; Low to medium.

b.) Do not harass.

Harassment is not just "sexual harassment", it's pretty much harassment of any kind. I consider two kinds of harassments in PVKII; Verbal Harassment and Gameplay Harassment.

Verbal harassment is when you constantly harass a player by words. This means that, if you always insult him, always taunt him, always talk badly about him, directly or indirectly, you're harassing him. You MAY be safe from this, but if the player asks you to stop and you even get reported for it, you will be punished, so be careful.

Gameplay Harassment is similar, perhaps even identical, to griefing itself, but this is not done to a team or in general, it's done on a player. A good example of gameplay harassment is the so-called "focus". Nothing wrong in "focusing", or as I call chasing, but be wary that, even if it is rare, "focusing" can be done out of insatiable revenge, with your intention only being to annoy the player out. Be wary that if you're being harassed yet you're also harassing him, you're both ought to be punished. In general, playing as a class you normally don't play JUST to annoy the heck out of a player is Gameplay Harassment.

Punishment; If done one time, 10/15/30 minute ban. If done two times, 1 day ban. If done constantly, 1 week ban.

Chance of reconcile; Medium.

c.) Do not attack the wrong team.

Information; The worst issue there is. This can be fancily known as "Prisoner's Dilemma". As I said, worst issue in PVKII.
What does it really consist of?

* THE WHOLE TEAM attacks a team that is losing, has either only 2 chests and their tickets are high or got no chests at all and the tickets are average to high. Worse yet, they do nothing with the chests.
* ONE PERSON attacks a losing team, unaware of the real objective. Worse yet, ignores chests completely.

And this can be Intentional or Accidental.

Problem is, you will never truly know if it was Intentional or Accidental, although it should be easier if it's just one person, especially one you know and/or speaks/understands proper English.
"Prisoner's Dilemma" is very prevalent in PVKII, especially in the map "bt_island".

This is best done on individuals.
You first must closely observe the person doing it and see if he actually understands/knows what he's doing and also if he knows English or a language you know so you can tell him what is going on and what to do.

When you're VERY sure that he's attacking the wrong team intentionally, warn him at least 4 times. If he refuses (worse yet rudely disagrees), you have the right to punish him with a slay.
If he keeps doing it for more than 3 times, you can ban him for 30 minutes.

Those who do it accidentally must be told of what they should do, warn them at least 10 times. If there is no response, try another language. No respone again, you're allowed to teleport them. Try your best not to use "Punishment" commands on them.

Chance of reconcile; Very high.

Extra Information; For all admins, please do your very best to observe those who break this rule well. I have been getting a lot of reports of "admin abuse" just because of this, so tread very carefully.

d.) Do not lollygag. (Don't waste time doing "fun stuff")

Information; PVKII is a game, an action, fast-paced multiplayer with-some-arcade-elements FPS videogame, it is not an MMO or a chatroom. Please refrain from getting into the BC.com servers just to use it as your "playdoll".

By this, we mean that, If you come to the server not to play it as you should but just to hang around in the bar from bt_island or get into the gallow secret, don't bother. There are only slots for 24 players and everyone wants to join, so don't let those who truly want to play PVKII wait a long time just for you to finish your cute little secret. Of course, if there are less than 6 players, you can probably hang around a bit just so more players can join so you can truly play it.

Punishment; Kick. May result a ban if done constantly or considered a well-known lollygagger.

Chance of reconcile; Medium to high.

e.) Do not carry the trinket if you don't know what to do with it.

Information; Now, understand that this is unique to PVKII itself. This is a complaint I have been getting from many players, and I easily understand them.

If you don't know what to do with the Trinket, then DROP IT. (Default key is 'G')

Admins have the ability to forcefully make you drop a trinket if they want it so, which then can be obtained by another teammate or the admin himself.
If you think this is unjust, ask the admin kindly and he may reconsider and give a bit of trust.

You can also kindly ask an admin to make the Trinket Carrier IN YOUR TEAM drop a trinket, but first the admin should know if he can trust you about it or not.

Punishment; Forced drop. If reluctant or not possible, might even be a slay.

Chance of reconcile; Subjective.

[Article 3] Personal Play

The antonym of "Teamplay", these are rules more related to the player personally than the player and his teamplay.

a.) Do not do truces.

Information; A truce is when you make friendship, temporal or even permanent, with an enemy. This is highly disallowed in PVKII, especially if the map is LTS. Avoid truces the best you can.

Punishment; Kick. If done one time without stop, 1 day ban. 3 truces might make it a week.

Chance of reconcile; Low to Medium.

Extra Information; Sometimes "trucing" can be referred as "ballsucking", mostly out of spite. If that is mentioned, just consider it as "trucing" itself.

b.) Do not avoid your enemy.

Information; Similar to truce, except in this case a player just completely ignores the enemy that is exactly in front of him. To make this more understandable, do not ignore your enemy.

Punishment; Kick. If done one time without stop, 1 day ban. 5 or more avoids might make it a week.

Chance of reconcile; Low to Medium.

Extra Information; There can be chances where you will have to ignore an enemy, for example, in Trinket. When a losing team is in the way and you want to take down the winning team's Trinket carrier in order to attempt to stall them off, this IS legal, so don't worry about 'dodging' enemies just to get the objective.

c.) Do not do "rate hacking".

Information; "Rate hacking" is when you try to modify your rates to match up with a network connection that is not yours. Knowing PVKII is a game about melee combat set in Source Engine, the hit detection can be obviously bad, so using rates to imitate lag will further make it worse. This is not allowed.

As of 10-10-2016, server parameters have been put that forces you to play on specific rates, they go as follow:
Minimum: 80.000 (NOTE: If typing in console, do not add the period)
Maximum: 100.000
Minimum: 30
Maximum: 66
Maximum: 66
Minimum: 20
Maximum: 0.06
Minimum: 0.03
Maximum: 1
Minimum: 0.5

With this in mind, it will not be possible for you to do ratehacking, although you may still be accused of.
It is best you kept them to a minimum, not maximum or even "in the middle", for practical reasons.

  • If your PC can run the game at more than 60 FPS (at least 120 and CAPPED at that and STABLE), you can raise your 'cl_updaterate' up to 60. By general rule, it is best to keep cl_updaterate to half your FPS, so if you're capped at 60 FPS, you can go with 30. Minimum is 20. Those capped at 30 FPS might have a small issue, but should be available to play.
  • If your connection is great (For example, 100mb Fiber with no issues regarding connection pauses and such), you can set your 'cl_cmdrate' and 'rate' higher.
  • For 'cl_interp' and 'cl_interp_ratio', it is better they're lower. The lower your interp and interp_ratio is, the faster information goes to you. If you were to set cl_interp to 1, you'd hear a "one second lag", so you can imagine interp as "how many seconds it will take for information to get to me". Same with interp_ratio, although this one depends more on player movement and is only noticeable at higher-than-100 values.

As said before, you may be accused of "ratehacking" even though you never did it. This may be because you were in a server that forces terrible server rates into you, some idiot who thinks he knows what he's doing told you to change them or either some idiot or you yourself got a config file that plays with rates (It is mostly the autoexec.cfg itself). If so, please when you're in any of the PUBLICUS servers, type "!ratehelp" for a menu showing how you can change your rates to the correct ones. Here are the correct rates, please type them all in the console without the commas and ordered as such; "rate 80000/100000", "cl_updaterate 20/60", "cl_cmdrate 30/66", "cl_interp 0.03", "cl_interp_ratio 0.6".

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ADMINS: If you are telling a person to change their rates, tell them how no matter what. If you see that person's rates are lower/above 80000/100000, tell them to type "rate 80000/100000" in the console.
Be warned that if you do not in any way tell people how to change/fix their rates, nor if you tell them many times and you can't even CONFIRM he is a ratehacker, you cannot ban them and if you do it will be considered as Admin Abuse.
Also, you must know that if the same person you told to fix their rates changes them back, you must be prudent and think if it may be because of autoexec.cfg which he's unaware he has it and/or you didn't tell him to remove it.

Punishment; If you're confirmed to be a rate-hacker, you will be banned for 1 day. Done so again, a week. Further rate-hacking will just result a permanent ban. You will be warned first.

Chance of reconcile; Very High. It's highly probable that you did not do any ratehacking, instead some server forced you to do it or worse yet an idiot who thinks he knows what he's doing.

Extra Information; "Hiding ping" is considered ratehacking, please don't hide it, you shouldn't be accused of having high ping unless it's more than 200.

[Article 4] Chat

This is everything related to communication, be it with the team, the enemy, spectators, etc. Both through text chat and talk (microphone).

a.) Do not "Micspam".

Information; This is actually a rather touchy subject, "Micspam". "Micspam" is essentially spamming on the microphone. It can be of many types. As long as you don't talk a lot, stay "on topic", don't speak out loud, make "ear rape" or abuse your usage of sounds, you should be alright. If you're loud, noisy or not understandable because your microphone is bad, please refrain from using it then.

Punishment; Mute from Admin. If still using despite being told not to do so, Perma-Silence.

Chance of reconcile; High.

Extra Information; Please, NEVER tell an administrator to mute somebody, they know what to do.

If you think somebody who talks a lot is annoying yet he is not loud, does not micspam, etc, you can mute him yourself;
Press "Tab", aim at his name, click it then "Mute". Done.

b.) You are allowed to curse and even make insults, but be careful.

Information; You can say insults and curse words of any type, you may even be allowed to make "racist words/slangs" but NOT remarks (for example, you can call your friend a nigga, but don't go saying how all blacks/niggers are 'whatever negative'). But be wary that this may be subjective, you may currently have a sensitive admin ingame, so tread carefully. Also, even if insults are allowed, do not start a "flamewar" that may make everyone join in. If you're insulting somebody and he asks you to stop, do so. Be wary that always insulting somebody is considered Verbal Harassment. Just in case examples are actually needed;

"Oh for fuck sake! Stop fucking around you fucking wankers!" is alright. This is done on everyone in general and probably happens so because the team is not doing an effort. It is a normal burst of anger.

"Oh fuck you!" is alright. This may be done on one person, one time. It can happen for many reasons, maybe he just killed you while you were about to get some HP...Or worse yet, a teammate that had some armour stole the armour pickup, which you greatly needed.

"Hey Johnny, you suck!" "I fucked Johnny's Momma" "Johnny is a cocksucker" "LOL, look at Johnny joining the pirates when vikings are losing, what a loser!" is wrong. This is actually Verbal Harassment, as you keep insulting the same player. Of course, be wary that this may be considered as just a bunch of "joke fight" going around with friends or relatives or so.

Please do not intervene in any kind of "verbal fights", unless you believe they are truly joking and want to try.

Punishment; Subjective. Best case scenario would be just a small minute mute. Worst case scenario would be a 5/10 minute ban.

Chance of reconcile; High.

c.) Do not spam 'saysounds'.

Information; "saysounds" is a SourceMod plugin the PUBLICUS servers use to emit some custom sounds. This can be sadly easily abused. Even though there ARE measures to avoid this, it's still rather easily abused. For this reason, if an administrator finds out that you keep spamming saysounds, that is, for example, you keep repeating the very same sound again and again (worst yet, that sound is a 15 seconds or longer song, like "sax"), he may ban you from saysounds access. Of course, this is by itself subjective.

Punishment; Ban from usage of saysounds (sm_sounds_ban).

Chance of reconcile; High.

d.) Do not make 'internal conflicts'.

Information; If there's an argument in-game, be it through text chat or voice chat, you have the freedom of speech, but you have no right to make it constant, be related to everybody else and make it an internal group-related issue.
That means; Arguments are allowed but not tolerated.

If you are seen arguing and people really do not mind, nothing will happen unless you keep on arguing no matter what, in which case you'll get temporal silence for 10 minutes, up to a day.
Be wary that if your argument gets out of hand, such as making people harass eachother, lollygag (stay around in a spawnpoint just to type or chat too much), join in the argument for no reason at all but to start unnecessary drama, you will be banned for "Harassment".

Punishment; Ban from usage of saysounds (sm_sounds_ban).

Chance of reconcile; Subjective.

[Article 5] Admin disrespect

I will say it now, this is subjective. Personally (Sandhog), I do not care if you disrespect me, you got all the freedom, but this is only on me. There may be other admins that do not want to be bothered or be disrespected in any way, so respect them and their decision.

And be wary that, if you try to report an admin abusing you yet you disrespected him before, we will probably ignore it, unless it is an apology.

Also note that if you do any kind of "I don't care" attitude, it will be considered so. If you get banned while acting completely careless, the admins also have the right to be careless.

Punishment; Slay, mute, ban for at least 10 minutes. Constant disrespect will higher-up the punishment, from 1 day to even 1 week.

Chance of reconcile; Subjective.

Extra Information; Disrespecting the website that hosts this server, BeyondCheats.com, and/or the game itself is also considered as such. Your loathe against the site or/and game can be used as an excuse of why you were banned, so don't consider it admin abuse just because you got banned for disrespecting either the website, the game or both. Be wary that this is also subjective, some admins wouldn't care about what you say about BC.com or the game at all, same way they might not care if you disrespect them.

[Article 6] Other

This is a set of rules which I wasn't sure on which category to put.

a.) Unsettled Steam Community accounts/profiles are NOT allowed, but tolerated.

This user has not yet set up their Steam Community profile.
If you know them, encourage him/her to set up their profile and join in on the gaming!

If this has been spotted in your Steam profile/account, you're already "Marked".
"Marked" means that anybody can ban you any time and even permanently if they want to.

Please know that Unsettled Steam Accounts will NOT and NEVER be allowed in our servers, ONLY TOLERATED.
This is all for security reasons.

Either stop being hidden and play in your own profile or set it up already.
After your profile has been settled, it's better you keep it public, at least for a span of 2 days.

Do understand that this is Subjective anyway.

b.) Avoid (the so-called) "Team Stacking".

This is a VERY touchy subject. Team Stacking is when a faction/team has players which are deemed very skilled, yet the other teams have complete newbies and the like.
If somebody asks you not to Teamstack, please respect his request.
Other than that, you may be penalized by being switched again.

c.) Do not get into "secret spots" often.

PVKII itself has secret spots and glitch spots, they're allowed, but please try to avoid always getting into them, especially if you're needed for the team (a great example would be one of the scaffolds on te_cara). No punishment, but you might be slapped or even burned.

d.) Spectating is limited.

If you're going to spectate, please DON'T take your time. You have a limited about of time to spectate. Why is that? Simply because the servers tend to get full, especially 24/7 Island, and there are many more that want to join, we don't need AFKers or people that just spectate for virtually no reason.
You can get a special permit to spectate any time you want though, ask an admin.

If the server has low players, you may not be targeted.

e.) Related to "high ping".

There is NO proper rule regarding high ping.
If you're being attacked by a so-called "high-pinger", live it up. They cannot be banned just for having bad ping.

If the ping is higher than 200, kicking him out will be tolerated by the authority, but you must first make sure he's warned.
Yes, VIPs may be allowed to kick a high-pinger so long as he's been warned before.

The only possibility a "high-pinger" can get kicked is when the server is full and/or his ping really deters gameplay.

Of course, exploiting the ping is illegal, and if it's a very high ping that it makes him teleport around in a terrible manner, he can't be playing like that.

f.) Do not play the very same class every time.

These servers ENFORCE diversity.
If you are well-known to be a "one-class player", then you could be easily set as "Marked", that means any admin can abuse you if they want to.

Here are examples:
You play as the same faction everytime but you choose other classes. This is fine.
You play as different factions everytime but you choose the same class. This is fine.
You play as the same faction everytime and you choose the same class. This is NOT fine.

g.) Acting "Careless" will be a guarantee that you can be punished.

If you act careless in whichever way possible (just plainly saying "idc" for breaking a rule will do), you will be "Marked", meaning you can be dictated (abused, banned, kicked, slayed, etc) if the admin desires it so.

Admins in 'The Testudo Cohort' are heavily enforced to go for the rules put on them, General and their own. They also must get, if possible, the authority from the Owner or Co-Owner himself to do anything first.
If you by any chance act careless, the admin will already have authority to do whatever he wants on you.

So please, do try your best to not act careless and instead apologize to the admin or at least understand him.

h.) Do not force, induce or even ask kindly somebody to quit.

Do NOT join the server when it's empty, with a friend or friends, and ask all the others to quit, no matter what.

No please, no forcing, no harassing/trolling/griefing, no hacking. Nothing.
You are not in any way allowed to make a person or persons quit the server just because you want your little peace-time with somebody else.

A server is Public for a perfectly reasonably obvious reason.

i.) "Ban Avoidance".

In case it isn't obvious; avoiding a ban is a guaranteed PERMANENT BAN.

j.) Regarding Sprays.

There are no rules regarding sprays.
Of course, sprays that have malware, which is possible, is disallowed/illegal, but that itself should be obvious.
Besides, PVKII already uses an anti-malware system for the sprays.

Rules for sprays may come later on when there's research done. If so, the only solution would be to simply disable them.

Edited by Sandhog
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As of 10-3-2017, these rules have been updated.

The changes are actually minimal, but very important, so you might want to re-read the whole rules again.

Also, this page itself used to have rules regarding Admins, but it's now its own;


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As of 14-5-2017, these rules have been updated.

The rules are now formatted better, with Articles having their rules ordered alphabetically.
Two new rules added, 'Article 4 d.)' and 'Article 6 g.)'

Admins are obliged to read.

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As of 22-5-2017, I've added one minor rule.

Article 6, h.) "Do not force, induce or even ask kindly somebody to quit."

I've seen some people joining the server when it was empty and asking all the other joiners to quit, no matter what.
This I do not tolerate.
If you want your own peace-time with the other person or persons, just make your own server or find another server, Publicus is obviously named "Publicus" for an extremely obvious reason.

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A very minor but significant update for...
Article, 4 b.) "You are allowed to curse and even insult, but be careful."

There's a lot of differences between racism and racial slurs.

Racism is when you base a fantasy/non-existent element called 'race' into your ideology, where you consider a skin colour (worse yet, a trait) as 'different' from another human being.
Skin colour is merely a skin colour. Saying all niggers are black is an obvious retarded statement, this is something subjective.
But saying all niggers are savage primitive gangsters is racism, you're implying that every African (as well as their counterparts, such as Afrobritish and Afromericans) is a savage primitive gangster, all three generally negative aspects, and that's a punishment.

Also, racism is sadly related to "Verbal Harassment" in PVKII, this is because most idiots love to use racial slurs as a pathetic attempt of an insult.
The main problem is it being a "Verbal Harassment"; you're constantly annoying somebody with your chatting by using insults.
This is only semi-subjective, but also a punishment.

However, using racial slurs is not a problem so long as the individual is fine with it. You can say "Get to the point, you niggers/crackers/cumskins/chinks!" if you want.
Just remember that like all insults, if a person asks you kindly to stop insulting, you must comply.

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Minor updates for Article 6.

Added i.) "Ban Avoidance". and j.) Regarding Sprays.

This was done simply because some people didn't find this to be obvious.

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