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  1. The Joker

    Free Beyond PayDay 2 Trainer

    Unfortunately for you it IS working, if it works for one computer it means the trainer itself is working, so I would recommend starting to undo any changes you did that are now getting in the way as the trainer loads fine.
  2. The Joker

    Free Beyond PayDay 2 Trainer

    @MarelIWHype Well seeing as it DOES work, that "done everything" is very clearly incorrect. Instructions are simple, drag, drop, done. Otherwise go to the BLT website and check if you actually have what BLT requires to run.
  3. The Joker

    XCOM: Enemy Within Modification for Android

    @ScaryScarf ... everything is explained in the post... @Ayshshhs ... if you have the 1.6.0 version of the game (which is the current download of the game you most likely have) of course the 1.2.0 version won't work, it's a different version.
  4. The Joker

    Free Beyond PayDay 2 Trainer

    ... on a game that A) Has no actual anti-cheat and B) Has no banning system. Congratulations, it's rare that this happens, but you're unfortunately 100% incorrect. And yes, I am using your comment as a way to easily broadcast that comments like the one you posted are, contrary to the poster's beliefs, unfounded and uneducated.
  5. The Joker

    Free Beyond PayDay 2 Trainer

    Get an archiver that's actually a known name and not some knockoff that's from the Windows Store or some other completely random place. WinRAR, 7zip, anything that has ever been mentioned on the internet... ever.
  6. The Joker

    Free Beyond PayDay 2 Trainer

    Yea, I call it "Realize what you're enabling." I'd suggest playing the game legitimately for more than 10 minutes and read what "Skills" and "Perk Decks" are and understand what enabling them all would mean.
  7. The Joker

    Free Beyond PayDay 2 Trainer

    Yea... no, it works fine, and has for a long, long time. Try following the instructions here and Requirements here: https://paydaymods.com/download/
  8. The Joker

    XCOM: Enemy Within Modification for Android

    1) You should be able to play with this mod on the purchased version, only problem is that you'll probably have to block the app from the internet after it installs completely, then after blocking replace the OBB file. 2) Since I appreciate that you took the time to write such a lengthy comment, I'll extend the same opportunity to you that Premium users would get which is no holds barred. For instance, you specifically brought up medals, so if you wish to request that I add the maximum amount of medals addition such as listed above I can (as well as a new one I found that makes it so the Defender's Medal unlocks from completing missions rather than losing soldiers, which I have to test). Just so you know though, since most tools and all mod applications can't run or work with the app version (as it's both run on a phone and only similar, not exact, to the PC format) there are several limitations. Existing mods do work for the most part, but larger ones that require external resources do not.
  9. The Joker

    XCOM: Enemy Within Modification for Android

    ... and turn it on. The first screen with the big two Start and Stop buttons...
  10. The Joker

    XCOM: Enemy Within Modification for Android

    @Jb088 Advice is learn to read comments, know that "Reviews" means it's a place for reviews, "Comments" is for comments, and that "General Support" is a place for support.
  11. The Joker

    Beyond Fallout Shelter Trainer

    That's descriptive. Care to provide any detail whatsoever?
  12. The Joker

    XCOM: Enemy Within Modification for Android

    If the game allows and you're hankering to keep it online, one can probably find a legitimate, non-modified 1.2.0 APK on the interwebs, then you just wouldn't update the app. The app file itself is basically just a launcher for the game, so it shouldn't try to version check on multiplayer or on the Google Play stuff, and so on, so if this logic is correct, downloading and keeping a 1.2.0 version installed would get around the problem as well, especially since the only thing 1.2.0 introduced was fixes to apparently visual issues on the S7 and this legitimate file check, which those visual fixes are probably in the obb files anyway, so I could possibly shove those in if needed.
  13. The Joker

    Pokemon Project

    If you were born in the 90's, you probably remember this little tiny title... and by tiny I mean "20 YEARS STRONG AND MAKING MORE MONEY THAN GOD"... Regardless, ever since I had an original Game Boy and my half brother gave me his version of Blue (of which he had Red, Yellow, then Gold and Silver and on and on which I then got shortly there after...) I've always enjoyed the franchise. While I don't enjoy absolutely everything about it, I understand the story, experience, and most importantly the information surrounding the title... and if you know me... that's all I needed to be interested. As a side project of mine, I'll be working on probably the most copyright infringing project I've worked on, but this requires a little backstory... Several years ago I had played through all the games in series up to Black and White 2, since nothing else had been released yet, on emulators just because I could from Game Boy to DS, and I began to wonder quite legitimately, "What is the best Pokemon?" It wasn't a question of design or raw strength, it was one that wondered what Pokemon with what ability, moves, items and so on would win almost any encounter it came across simply because it had the most damaging effects or advantages, or even just the highest stats. Sure, you can compare things like base stats, assume best IVs and EVs, just give the Pokemon the strongest moves it can learn and call it a day, but then all that would be swept out because of a type disadvantage, which would clearly not make it the strongest if another Pokemon could stand there and resist everything they can throw. So, getting a DS emulator for my phone, I use to carry around a copy of SoulSilver (my phone updated, borked the app, updated app, app just now borked, so fuck it), and on it I imported all the event Pokemon available manually, gave myself eggs of the HeartGold's version exclusives, and filled any other Pokemon that were otherwise missing. I progressively, and honestly didn't get very far, trained up Pokemon after Pokemon, recording all the information I could in a fancy little Excel spreadsheet of my own design, tracking highest stats, ranking moves as being more powerful than others and comparing those, calculating the Pokemon with the least type disadvantages and most advantages, and everything else the game could spit out... however... that requires time... LOTS of MANUAL time... Just last year I had come up with the idea to speed up that manual process of creating the most optimal Pokemon... by not... Pokemon are just bits of very structured information, that follow specific rules and and stuck to certain hierarchies, and if these can be made in a game, it can be made OUTSIDE of one. Instead of using the games, I wanted to use just their information, compile all the data of Pokemon battles into a very large program that simulated every Pokemon battle... EVERY POKEMON BATTLE This is an impossibly high number. As of writing this, 802 Pokemon vs 802 Pokemon, with each able to learn around at least 50 moves each from a move pool of 719, with each Pokemon able to have one of usually three available abilities from a list of 232, and each able to hold an item which I'm not even going to try and count the number of, in addition to each Pokemon having 6 unique hidden stat values and 6 stat values that increase as you battle, and now with the addition of X and Y, a fairly unknown "affection" value that sometimes throws a little extra luck in to things like critical hits or evading oncoming attacks... if we just multiply the numbers of Pokemon vs Pokemon, moves, and abilities I've listed, which isn't even close to an actual minimum amount of combinations, we're already at 107,291,572,832... and we haven't even included the possible combinations of the TWELVE values on EACH Pokemon that can range from 0 to 32 and 255... In other words the computer calculating all of these would turn to dust when the Sun explodes... and not have made a dent... So, instead of just doing my little experiment... I decided to set out and try something that has been done similarly, but hasn't been done fully. Instead of just compiling all the pieces I need to make this... I've decided to compile any information I come across... and since I'm reading every Wiki page, website, and even the games themselves for information... that means one thing: I'll have all the information for every game. One long game, one long journey, spanning now 7 generations, 20 years, and an impossible amount of work. So yea... occasionally I'll post info of how this is progressing, which will be slow... and may never finish... it's a side project after all... I have a lot of those... However, there is another reason for this blog entry... and that's you. While I may be writing this all up myself, it doesn't mean there needs to only be one involved. There's a LOT of information, both documented and not, and while I'm not expecting any replies, if you do happen to enjoy the Pokemon titles, enough to know information that isn't on Bulbapedia (which is my current primary source, and will branch out once I sweep the whole website), or know if something isn't correct, or if there's something overlooked, or whatever the info may be as long as it isn't a basic fundamental like a type advantage, I'd love to know it. This ramble has gone on for quite enough, so I guess there's only one thing left to say... Train On (Or whatever saying they have when I finish this...)
  14. So... watching a movie online, illegally of course:

    1)  Continue searching for highest quality movie...

    1)  Find one version with good enough audio but not good video
    2)  Find one that's nowhere close to your language but has good video
    3)  Sync that shit up

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      'Engineer' is a Nerd.

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      The Joker

      Whatever label you want to give it, one will still drudge through everything, and one will actually do things.

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      Holy fuck that's genius

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