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  1. DrCryptix

    Best In-Game Screenshots

    Took a few Fallout 4 shots and this is definitely my favorite
  2. DrCryptix

    Best In-Game Screenshots

    @abcskrubman @オーバーロード Love the screenshots guys, I will be adding some more here in a bit
  3. DrCryptix

    Best In-Game Screenshots

    Post your best in-game screenshots / GIFs from your favorite games! These are a few of my best ones, mainly from shadow of mordor due to the ingame screenshot tool lol
  4. DrCryptix, the moderator, creative and premium...

  5. DrCryptix

    WANTED Artists

    Name*: Parker Age*: 18 Mother Language: English Please add a number of your skill level where 1 is the lowest and ten the highest (1 / 10) Abilities: Adobe Premier (4-5 Need practice to improve more advanced stuff) Adobe Photoshop (4-5 Once again got the basics, but need practice. Im not Nekwios level) Unity (8 Been using it for awhile and am pretty comfy with it, Idk if this is a creative skill, but I will throw it in anyways) Web Design (9 HTML - 6 CSS, 4-5 Javascript, 3-4 PHP) Others*: Examples: Also I dont have access to any of my basic Photoshop work I can add it when I get home, its nothing special, but hey why not add it (Currently at work)
  6. Question Asking Format:

    Please not if you cant fill out each of the fields provided then DO NOT send me the question. I will delete it.

    • What is the issue related to? (Unturned, Forum, ETC.)
    • When did it occur?
    • Has it occured before?
    • Proof of issue (If applicable) (photos, videos, etc)

    Copy the above format and PM it to me

  7. If anyone is interested in freelance work for Java Development, Web Design or something like that please contact me via PM on the site or via the Contact form on my website http://www.techzservers.com we can discuss what you need done and if there is any price attached to it

  8. What's that two-face teddy bear thingy?

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