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  1. Come on Nekwios, you can do it, you can fix your computer!

  2. Sandhog

    Fan colaj (process)

    Nicely done, even if it's a different skull design. Although I'd love to see it with the BC skull itself or similar.
  3. Sandhog

    An "Effigy" for Condemned

    "Condemned: Criminal Origins" A great game, with the best "Melee AI" I have ever seen and the best basic Melee possible, especially for a modern-times setting. It sucks how this game was so long forgotten, it only lives off as a relic almost just like SWAT 4. So I made this "Effigy" about some years ago. I still play, enjoy and love the game, but wish for more content of it despite there never being any anymore. Condemned 2 was apparently a near-profitable disaster, so a C3 won't appear. Even if it did, will it be for PC or go just like Condemned 2 and be exclusive for a crappy console nobody cares about now? I know ya'll don't give a goddamn fuck about this game, or this fucking art, but whatever. Enjoy your gay ol' time being wasted.
  4. Sandhog

    Offering banner creating skills

    Is this where I can request a "Cover Photo" for my profile? Hell, I'm more curious as to what's the exact minimum size for a cover photo.
  5. Sandhog


    Needs mo' sci-fi.
  6. This forum has room for only one Overlord.

    1. Overl0rd


      I'm the Japanese edition. 

  7. Sandhog

    Add Images Please

  8. Hey! I'm sellin' these fine leather jackets here...

  9. Sandhog

    Offering signature creating skills

    Look at that, I'm the Overlord now.
  10. Sandhog

    Offering signature creating skills

    How about a custom tag? Instead of "Premium", make it "Overlord", either with the same font or one fit for an Overlord and a hellish, Netherworldy, Eldritch Horrour (maybe) background of sorts. I hope I can say "Impress me", that's what I do when people want me to do something however I want and all. I can make one myself of course, but thought you might wanna spend some good ol' time doing it yerself. I'll still get to the rules; Main color: Red Theme: Overlordish Size: Same as those tags you've made for this forum. Figures you would like to have in: Either none or the Overlord. I suggest using the concept arts of him. Effect ideas (As example fire or electricity): Either none or some kind of magical fire.
  11. What's that two-face teddy bear thingy?

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