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  1. Overl0rd

    Model change

    A old project, pretty much one of my first "professional" works in manipulating real people, you can see OBVIOUS errors, but because it's one of my very early works in this thematic, I didn't even realized this errors, since they were little bit stressing to edit due to lack of skills back to it's time. But if I had to do it today, I would edit it to perfection, and recognize very fast errors like in the top left corner (purple color) or missing hair color changes. I found it randomly in one of my old backup messages. Premium-Perk: If there is any interest on how to do this, contact me, I will create a guide for it then. BEFORE / AFTER
  2. Come on Nekwios, you can do it, you can fix your computer!

  3. Overl0rd

    (NSFW) SAO Sinon undress

    Re upload. Premium Perk: If there is any interest on how to do this, contact me, I will create a guide for it then. BEFORE / AFTER
  4. gratz to the glory 500 post emblem, I thought this will never reach the day light.

    1. Dartel


      Well, I'm kind of a shitposter soo yea :D 

    2. Sandhog


      He's the King of Deals, this was merely a question of time.

  5. Overl0rd

    VHS Effect

    In this entry I will show you how how to create a VHS effect. Here is a preview how it can look like once you learned this lesson! BEFORE AFTER First of all, you have to open the picture by draggin the file into the software. Duplicate the picture two times, that you have a total of three pictures. Select the middle layer and use "Colors" => "Colorize" from the toolbox from the top. A new window will open where you can change the color of the picture in total. You can select whatever colors you would like to for this effect, I used the first standard (180 / 50 / 0) Once you choose you first color, apply it. Now select the top layer and do the same, except you choose another color this time, I used on the second red (360 / 50 / 0) Once you choose you second color, apply it. Now you have to set the mode of both colored pictures to "Lighten only". Your GIMP should look like this, when you didn't selected other colors. Now here comes the tricky step, where you have to experience with the picture, because every picture need different settings on edit, there is no standard. Select the "Move" tool, from you tool-box. Select middle layer (In my case the blue one). One click on your photo short to select the picture for moving. Now you can use your cursor, to move it a slightly to the left. I use myself the arrow keys on the keyboard, because it's impossible to accidently move the effect more higher or lower this way. Now you have to do the same with the top layer (In my case the red one), but drag it to the right slightly. You have to experience this by yourself, how it looks the best for you. Your GIMP should look like this slightly now, when you didn't selected other colors. Now create a new transparent layer, and place it to the top. Select the "Bucket Fill" tool from your tool-box. Select on the settings "Pattern fill". Select as pattern "Stripes" (There are two kind of stripes, many small stripes, and less bigger stripes. Both can be used, depending on how you would like to have it.) Make sure to have settings "Fill whole selection". Click with the "Bucket Fill" tool now on you new transparent layer to apply stripes. Now put the layer with the stripes in mode "Overlay". Now duplicate the layer with the stripes. Select the new duplicated layer with the stripes and use from you top tool bar "Colors" => "Invert" to make one layer with black stripes, into white stripes. Now select the "Move" tool from you tool-box. Click any of the both layers with stripes shortly once, and press Keyboard key "Arrow down" or "Arrow up". Make sure both stripe layers in mode "Overlay". Now you can place with the stripes layer opacity, to optimize it for yourself. Your GIMP should look like this slightly now, when you didn't selected other colors. Now Additional to that, you can change few additional things. You can duplicate the original layer, and place it over the colored one. Set it to mode "Overlay". You will see the picture got a lot darker, so you can win additional shadows and contrast. You can also play here with opacity to optimize it for yourself. Now another Additional effect to that (Not shown on the pictures on the top, picture below). You can stronger the color of your VHS effect. Create a new layer (Transparent) on top of all. Select the new transparent layer. Go to top tool bar and press "Layer" =>" New from visible". Select the new layer from "New from visible" and go to the top tool bar and press "Colors" => "Hue-Saturation..." Now a new window will open, select "Saturation" and increase it. You will see that the colors will get a lot stronger. Your GIMP should look like this slightly now, when you didn't selected other colors. Beyond Cheats - NekWioS - Creative Team
  6. Overl0rd

    Desktop Background Art

    Everyone likes cool desktop backgrounds, which don't destroy your computer over time. Especially people who left their desktop open when friends are there. I want to recommend two softwares, where I did good experience with. No, I didn't got paid for making this post by the developer for making a advertise, it's my personall recomend. Wallpaper Engine (3,99€) Live2DViewerEX (4,99€) Both softwares are available on Steam, and got steam workshop included for tons of possibilitys. Still, both are different, I personaly use Live2DViewerEX. Wallpaper Engine makes a possibility to have java games or hidden keys available at your screen, but their is nearly no possibility to re-edit anything. Live2DViewerEX doesn't have the java possibility, but has the possibility to add items to you desktop, and edit them, also some filters with effects are available, but it installs a software called "Haali Media Splitter". Both Softwares are hidden in steam, and start without steam also. Which one you like more is depending on how you want it, my personall experience was, I bought Wallpaper Engine in the past, but it wasn't good for me, so I refunded it on steam, and bought Live2DViewerEX and was happy, but bought Wallpaper Engine later again for some reason. Other than freeware software where I made horrible experience with, which slowed down my computer, the software crashed often or even freeze my computer, does both of those software work smoothly, the only point is, they cost money, but basically today is everything about cosmetic, be it a CS:GO weapon skin or a TF2 Hat, cosmetic is everywhere present to our current time. People who already own this software can share their desktop how cool they have designed it, or which creative ideas they had as a showcase here. Please remove all items from desktop first and/or remove the desktop bar for privacy reason. Here is my desktop, as .gif file, containing a digital clock on the bottom right, a calender on the top right, tons of filter and effects and moving anime figures with the software Live2DViewerEX.
  7. Overl0rd

    Offering signature creating skills

    This Topic was long time dead because I went inactive, however, I'm back and want to resuscitate this topic. I removed the qualification to get the contract's back in rolling, there are no plans yet if I will re-activate that in the future. Every kind of perk is currently also disabled till a point in the future. Don't hesitate to message me here in topic, via private message, or via discord (Please read which information's I need). The average time I need for a project is currently higher due to find myself in the software again and because of private reasons.
  8. *knock* *knock* Who's there?

    It's me, オーバーロード and other might still remember me under a different name.
    Ten months ago I wrote that I will be inactive forever, but I had to break my word till now.
    I will move back here again to offer my Picture Editing skills, even when I'm not that good anymore.
    Still trying my best as always.

    Nothing much else to say at this point from my side, except for, bring this Signature post back to life!

    1. DrCryptix


      Welcome back! 

    2. Sandhog


      Welcome back, mofuckah!


    It was a pleasure to work with many people around here.
    Specially the people I worked with for two years now.

    But this time, it's really over.

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    2. BobbyBobRob


      Sad to see such a big part of the community become inactive, godspeed Nek, godspeed.

    3. Metlearm
    4. Metlearm


      You did great work, I will miss you my friend.

  10. Overl0rd

    Offering banner creating skills

    You can request it here, but I recommend to use something random, except you want a big name on it or something. I tried already a lot of examples meantime since this topic exist's (It's old), and I figured out that Beyond Cheats title pictures are mostly place filler projects. The bright but small size from top to the bottom is really awkward to work with, since you can't work upwards mostly. Youtube is still also not fixed. But still can recommend twitch banners. Should overwork this topic, since I thought this topic is dead.
  11. Overl0rd

    Best In-Game Screenshots

  12. Overl0rd


  13. This forum has room for only one Overlord.

    1. Overl0rd


      I'm the Japanese edition. 

  14. Overl0rd

    How to install Script-Fu

    So what is Script-Fu and why it's important for advanced GIMP users? First of all, it gives you more options which aren't available normally in GIMP. They can be used to make look items more Professional and Script-Fu is also needed to create your own High Quality logo content. The function's are like from Photoshop, not all, but few useful filters. How to Install: First you have to do is to download the file: http://registry.gimp.org/node/186 Windows PC: layerfc.scm MAC: layerfx.py Simply click on the file you need, and download it. Now you open GIMP, and click on top rider "Edit" => Preferences.... there should open a new window. Scroll down to "Folders" and click on the "+" left from it and click "Scripts". There should be two lines (One line got censored by myself). Now copy the the longer line which is "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\scripts" by me, but everyone can have it different. Hit the Windows key and paste it in windows search and hit enter. Now the folder appears you need. Now drag the downloaded file just into the folder. Now restart GIMP if needed, and look on the top rider "Script-Fu" which allows you now new possibility's. Beyond Cheats - NekWioS - Creative Team
  15. Overl0rd

    Offering signature creating skills

    EVENT: Only from Dezember 20 - January 5 Remember, rules still apply. Get your personal Seal, signature or service in Premium style without being a Premium. All requirements for becoming a Signature in Premium style are 0. All requirements for custom service are 0. (doesn't support Advertisement banners)

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